Planning your Email marketing

You should always plan your email marketing with as much care as possible in order to make it relevant and interesting. You should also be dilligent in obtaining customer consent before sending emails or conducting email marketing.

Email marketing can be successful if it targets people you know are interested and aware in what your service offerings are. IE:, if you’re campaigning on a special offer on PC support, it will be far more effective if you promote it only to people interested in purchasing PC Support.

However, an email to an existing client or customer, who receives email marketing from you, will be of value to them. If they don’t buy from you immediately, they will more than likely buy from you in thefuture.

Keeping Relevance

You have got a large database of clients and potential clients for your email marketing promotions campaign,.. Now – it’s worth analysing what you know and dont know about them, so you will be able to send a more relevant messages.


It’s not legal to send unsolicited email messages, however in limited circumstances it can be acceptable. If clients have agreed to receive emails from you in the past, you should send them information on other things you think they might be interested in.

Monitor your email marketing campaign

By monitoring the your email marketing campaign you’re getting value from the time and effort you’re spending on it. This helps you to improve future email campaigns.

Low Costs

I have looked at all the ways in which I could promote our websites. after considered advertising material such as, brochures, newsletters or hiring sales staff, building web sites, using email marketing, direct mail marketing and PR, I compared the cost of each and the success they’d have. Guess what —- The most efficient and attractive was using email – it’s easier to create and cheaper to send.