Tips for the best About Us page

When you are building a website for your business, you work hard a lot and spend your hard-earned money. A website serves as a shop window where you display al your products and services. You must know that a website can make or break the company’s online business.

If your website is strong and attractive, it will add to the business. There is already enough literature on website design which most of the designers follow. They design all the pages with great effort making them look beautiful and attractive.

The site owners hire content and copywriters to develop the website’s content. Among all the pages in a website, the About Us page comes at last and may be that is why designers give the least importance to it.

The About Us is a page with distinct purpose. It lets people know your company. This page lays the foundation of trust between your company and the clients.

As you might know, trust and respect are very important for a company’s online success. Here we list out some important points to consider when designing the about us page of your website.

  • History – You can give a brief history of your company. You can mention facts and stories about how you started and for how long you have been working. You can also explain the present and future of your business.
  • Why choose you – State the benefits of choosing your company for the job or service. You need to explain to the customer why he should use your services or products instead of others. You can state differences between your company and other in the same niche.
  • Specialties – Do not forget to list your specialties. It is not wrong to boast of your abilities in marketing business. The more you shall explain your pros, the higher will be the chance of them hiring you. You can state the facts with which your company stands.
  • Team members – Do not forget to introduce yourself and your team members. Many websites list out the name of the workers in the company. This gives a touch of professionalism to the website.
  • Add Photos – You can add photos of your company, office, cafeteria, team members, etc. to bring a human touch to the company’s profile. People will believe more in your company’s prospects.
  • Testimonials and recognitions – Tooting your own horn can bring you some potential clients. You can list the faithful clients to your company. You can also post testimonials by them. Adding a list of awards and recognitions to your company can aid in building the credibility of your business.
  • Vision and mission – You can add a touch of professionalism and responsibility by stating your company’s goals, vision and mission. This will give your company some personality.