Video tools to promote your business

The social media market has already given a preview of what it can do for Internet marketing. Social networking sites are getting millions of users each day. Facebook and Twitter have attracted the youth towards them because of their advantages.

Blogging is also at its peak. Sites like WordPress, Blog, Blogger, etc. are currently hosting millions of blogs where the Internet crowd spends hours. A new fashion has initiated these days – vlogging.

Vlogging refers to blogging with videos. It is new tool in the field of Internet marketing. Businesses are using videos to express themselves to the public.

This method of marketing is getting a lot of public attention and proving useful in bringing successful results. Business owners are getting their products and company related videos posted on video networking sites. However, most of them restrict themselves with only You Tube.

Google, the web giant owns You Tube shortly after its launch. Besides uploading videos, You Tube allows you to watch, rate and comment on the videos. It is a great video sharing tool but the downside is that it disallows downloading them.

Although You Tube is the biggest video portal with around 3 million visitors each day, there are other good websites too. They can provide your business with extended exposure and might ignite up the marketing scores. Here are few best video websites where you can upload your videos to reach the four corners of the world.

  • Google Video ( is a beta venture by Google. Although Google owns You Tube, it promotes Google Video as its own brand. It allows uploading and sharing of videos of any size and length.
  • Yahoo Video ( has options similar to You Tube. It has the additional benefits of linking to other services by Yahoo. It specializes in sharing and uploading videos.
  • Tinypic ( Tinypic gives you the benefits of video uploading. Owned by Photobucket, Tinypic uses the great features of its parent to post photos and videos on other sites and blogs. It allows unlimited photo hosting.
  • Opcot ( is a new website that has just come out of its beta version. It has basic video uploading and sharing features packaged in a social networking wrapper. It also allows posting videos and photos on websites and blogs, similar to Tinypic.
  • Revver ( is gaining popularity increasingly now. It gives monetary benefits to the video producer by embedding advertisements into the videos. It has similar features to You Tube.
  • Crackle ( is an amazing video uploading tool. Formerly known as Grouper, Crackle allows you to download video to your computer, iPod, iPad or any other mobile device.

Although all the above started websites are good, Google Video and Yahoo Video are very popular amongst them. They have large user groups visiting each day. You can try all these websites to enable good chances for your online business.