Web Marketing London

One of the most important concept to take into account when looking to succeed in a web marketing context is to remember that a website merely gives a business permission to interact online.”

How that interaction takes place is extremely important.

Google, where currently over 85% of all website traffic would originates from is not interested in your website from a commercial point of view. What Google is fundamentally about (source Larry Page Google founder) is to provide a vehicle for accessing information on the internet and deliver it effectively to the user.

What is information?

Information is your company profile, prices etc. however superior information, with a wider appeal, is for example your thoughts on how your industry etc. is progressing. The better the quality of the content and the greater extent your website makes use of relevant information (articles, tips, forums, newsletters etc.) then the higher your ranking (PR page rank) in Google and hence higher traffic levels.

Everything else you may have heard about, Meta tags, linking software, website submission software, affiliate programmes, Adsense, Adwords pay per click are merely additional benefits, but without information in terms of content they are simply a waste of effort.

What YRA Website Optimisation Specialists can successfully do:

  • Redesign your website to make it more user friendly, more attractive and more professional
  • Improve navigation
  • Rewrite all copy allowing for: Better client understanding (most users leave a website from confusion rather than disinterest)
  • Better keyword density and weight (Allows for better search engine rankings SEO)
  • Increase enquiries as the website now allows for clarity of product / service offer
  • Add relevant content, articles and keep the site updated
  • Make applications for suitable linking partners
  • Study your traffic statistics and make daily adjustments to increase traffic