Top Benefits of Desk Cable Tidy Services

The main benefit of desk cable tidy services is ensuring the safety of your staff. Trailing wires are a trip hazard risking injury to your staff for which you are liable especially as HSE standards have been set out for cable management.

Not only are you at financial risk if this happens but you will lose that member of staff to injury during that time so the work output will decrease.

Wires in a space where they can be trodden on or run over by chairs with wheels can be damaged which creates the risk of a fire breaking out.

If a damaged wired needs to be replaced for this reason or any other reason, having a neat cable layout will make it easier to locate and replace without having to thread it through different wires and untangle knots.

Untidy wires can affect the performance of your network and the speed of your internet access so tidying them up ensures you are getting the most from your network.

Likewise, if a wire is tripped, some aspect of the network or device may stop working. Find a London Desk Cable Tidy Service.

Finding which wire has been unplugged, untangling it and putting it back in waste your time or the time of your fellow employees.

  • It is not just at work desks where desk cable tidy services can come in hand. If you have a meeting or conference room, it is likely that people may be bringing laptops in to take notes or to show a presentation on.
  • Multiple people in a room with laptops all trying to use plug sockets spread out over the room to keep them charged creates a long stream of wires.
  • Inserting plug sockets in a compartment in the floor under the desk eliminates the risk of people tripping as they walk around the room.