Cloud Technology / Wireless Solutions in 2019

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology
Wireless solutions refer to Wi-Fi, the thing that allows you to access the internet on your phone, computer and laptop without needing to plug it into anything.

A wireless router acts as an access point, usually as part of an IT infrastructure in order to provide an internet connection throughout a home or building. Read more about Cloud and Wireless solutions for businesses in London here

Ad-hoc networks, also known as peer-to-peer networks, allow two laptops to connect to each other without the need for an access point as it builds its own temporary Wi-Fi network. However, not all laptops allow ad-hoc networks so this might be a cost associated with replacing laptops with compatible ones.

An ad-hoc network can be used in business to share files between two computers without the need for a Wi-Fi router and hence does not need to rely on IT infrastructure or hardware for a connection either. Read more on wireless solutions.

Advanced Cloud technology

Cloud technology offers every service an IT infrastructure or data centre can provide such as fulfilling storage, databases and networking needs over the internet, referred to as ‘the cloud.’

It is a flexible method of processing, sharing and storing data without the need to have any physical hardware on-site, saving on the cost of constantly running electricity in a building. It also saves on the cost of installing new software.